Audit Committee


The purpose of this document is to define the duties and working principles of the Audit Committee to be established by the Board of Directors of Şok Marketler Ticaret A.Ş. The Committee will assist the Board of Directors in the observation of Verusaturk GSYO's accounting system, operational and operational risks, disclosure of financial information, the functioning and effectiveness of the independent audit and the internal control system in accordance with the capital market legislation, evaluating the issues determined within the framework of its evaluations and will report to the Board of Directors.

This document has been prepared within the scope of the arrangements, provisions and principles of the Capital Markets Legislation, and the Corporate Governance Principles set out in the Capital Market Board. With the decision of our Board of Directors dated 06.02.2014 and numbered 2014/4, it was decided to establish an ‘Audit Committee within the Board of Directors of our Company in accordance with the II-17.1 Corporate Governance Communiqué issued by the Prime Ministry Capital Markets Board.

The Committee is formed and authorized by the Board of Directors and functions under the Board of Directors. The Committee is empowered to invite erusaturk GSYO employees or representatives of individuals and organizations associated with Verusaturk GSYO, including affiliates, internal and external auditors (Auditors) and experts to their meetings and to receive information and to seek external legal and professional consultancy when needed. The costs of the consultancy services needed by the Committee are covered by Verusaturk GSYO. The Committee acts within its own authority and responsibility and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors; The final decision responsibility always belongs to the Board of Directors.

The Committee consists of at least two members elected from among Verusaturk GSYO Board members. The Chairman of the Committee and its members are selected from among the 2 independent Board members who are not in executive functions. Experts in accounting, finance, audit, law, etc. who have sufficient work experience in their fields and can analyze financial statements and reports take place in the committee. Those who directly undertake executive functions such as the Chairman of the Executive Board, General Manager and Assistant General Manager Responsible for Financial Affairs do not take part in this committee. The Committee is entitled to invite any managers it may deem necessary to the meetings and take their opinions. The members of the Audit Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors for 1 year. The committee is re-determined every year at the first Board of Directors meeting to be held after the ordinary general meeting. Members whose term has expired can be re-elected. Audit Committee meetings are held at least 4 times a year. When necessary, the independent audit firm attends the evaluation meetings regarding the financial statements made by the audit committee and provides information about its work. The decisions taken at the Committee meetings are put in writing by the Board of Directors secretariat, signed by the Committee members and archived.

To determine the Independent External Audit institution and the scope of the services to be received from the independent audit firm and to submit it for the approval of the board of directors. To review the independent audit contracts and ensure that the independent audit process is started. To ensure the effective work of the independent audit firm, to follow up their work at every stage. To ensure that the important problems identified during or as a result of the audits carried out by the independent external auditors and their suggestions for the elimination of these problems are timely notified to and discussed by the Board of Directors. To review the work and organizational structure of the company's internal control unit; To make suggestions to the Board of Directors regarding the establishment of a healthy internal audit infrastructure in the company, defining the authorities and responsibilities of the internal audit unit, writing down the internal control processes, and the operation and supervision of the established structure. To examine and evaluate the internal audit report prepared by the internal audit unit, and to present its opinion to the board of directors. 3 To review the crisis plans regarding the recording and protection of transactions in case the computer system becomes inoperable and the management's accountability for the security and operation of the company's computer system. To investigate whether the warnings and recommendations made by the auditors regarding internal control are implemented. Accounting System and Financial Reporting To audit the compliance of the periodic financial statements and footnotes to be disclosed to the public with the current legislation and international accounting standards and to notify the board of directors in writing, taking the opinion of the responsible managers of the company and the independent audit firm. To review the annual report to be disclosed to the public and to review whether the information contained therein is correct and consistent according to the information of the Committee. To investigate the effects of changes in accounting policies, control system and legislation on financial statements that will significantly affect the preparation of the financial statements of the company and to report to the Board of Directors. Other Responsibilities To review the transactions left to the evaluation and decision of the Company management in their transfer to accounting records such as valuation of assets and resources, guarantees and sureties, fulfillment of social responsibilities, lawsuit provisions, other liabilities and contingent events. To review the results of the audits and investigations carried out by the regulatory authorities, to submit suggestions regarding necessary corrections in writing to the Board of Directors. To observe the compliance with the legal regulations and internal regulations within the company and to ensure that the changes in the legal regulations regarding the activities of the Company are adapted to the Company structure. To initiate special audits if deemed necessary and to report the audit results to the Board of Directors. To perform other surveillance and monitoring activities requested by the Board of Directors.

Verusaturk GSYO's Audit Committee duty and working principles entered into force with the decision of the Board of Directors dated 06.02.2014 and numbered 2014/4.

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