Verusa Holding and affiliated companies aim to create an honest and fair, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment where personal rights of our employees are used fully and completely and equality in opportunity with the belief that our human resources are the most important element of sustainable development.

Within the scope of its  Human Resources Policy, Verusa Group adopts an approach and applications that will support the prevention of any discrimination in terms of age, gender, race, religion, language, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, political opinion in recruitment, remuneration, performance and employment.

In addition to the contribution of equality and diversity of opportunities, which are the basis of "Human Resources" management, to economic development, the goal of our group is to create a fair corporate culture and sustain its position as a "preferred employer".

The Verusa Group is committed to conducting its business activities honestly and ethically, on the basis of respect for human rights, and to comply with laws and regulations wherever it operates

With the same sensitivity, our Group expects its suppliers to act within the "Verusa Holding Human Resources Policy and Code of Ethics".

In Verusa Holding and all of our affiliated companies, we make employee selection among candidates who are open to development, who can quickly adapt to change and innovations, and who are competent to implement our business by adopting our corporate culture, in addition to the needs of our business lines, by observing the principle of equal opportunity.

Being aware of working with the right talents, we aim to create long-term career plans with all our employees who join our Group and to have a work environment where we can attract new talents.

Verusa Holding Code of Ethics and Human Recources Policy

You can use the link below to apply for internship and career opportunities in Verusa.

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