Profit Distribution Policy


Verusaturk GSYO A.Ş. (Verusaturk GSYO) Dividend Distribution Policy has been determined in line with Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Markets Law and the legislation, regulations and decisions published by the Capital Markets Board and the relevant provisions of the Tax Procedure Law; Corporate Governance practices  in line with Verusaturk GSYO's strategies and financial plans, taking into account the state of the country's economy and the sector, and by considering the delicate balance between the expectations of the shareholders and the needs of Verusaturk GSYO. Verusaturk GSYO's principles regarding profit distribution are explained in Article 30 of the Articles of Association. Verusaturk GSYO has adopted the principle of determining the amount of dividends to be distributed in accordance with the decision taken at the General Assembly, within the framework of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Market Law and the provisions of the Articles of Association, not less than the rate and amount determined by the Capital Markets Board. The regulations of the Capital Markets Board are complied with regarding the time of profit distribution. Verusaturk GSYO does not have any privileges in profit distribution, and all of the existing shares in profit distribution benefit from the profit share equally. If the Board of Directors proposes to the General Assembly not to distribute the profit, the shareholders are informed about the reasons of this situation and the usage of the undistributed profit at the General Assembly Meeting. Likewise, this information is shared with the public by including in the annual report and on Verusaturk GSYO's website. This policy is submitted for the approval of the shareholders at the first General Assembly Meeting. The changes made in this policy are also submitted for the approval of the shareholders at the first general assembly meeting after the change, and they are made public on the website by being included in the annual report of Verusaturk GSYO.

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