Donations And Grants Policy


Verusaturk GSYO A.Ş. (Verusaturk GSYO) Board of Directors can make donations on behalf of our company within the upper limit to be determined by our shareholders at the General Assembly meeting. In this regard, our Board of Directors acts in accordance with the principles set out in the Donation and Aid Policy and the regulations to be made by the Capital Markets Board on the subject.

Principles Regarding Donations and Aids:

  • Verusaturk GSYO can make donations and aids to people, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and organizations, associations and foundations, who are active in the fields of education, arts and culture or related to their field of activity.
  • The upper limit that will be valid for the total of donations and aids that can be made by Verusaturk GSYO in each fiscal year is presented to the approval of the shareholders by the Board of Directors at the ordinary General Assembly meeting to be held for the previous fiscal year.
  • Donations and aids to be made by Verusaturk GSYO are made based on the decision of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may decide to make donations and aids within the upper limit determined at the ordinary General Assembly meeting.
  • The changes suggested by our Board of Directors to the Donation and Aid Policy are also submitted to the information of our shareholders at the General Assembly meeting and come into effect with the decision of the General Assembly.
  • The activities and sponsorship activities carried out by Verusaturk GSYO within the scope of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy are carried out within the framework of the general authorization determined by our Board of Directors, independent of the Donation and Aid Policy.
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